Istanbul arrival

The evening call to prayer echoes across the city, carried on the chill wind.  Our first day in Istanbul comes to an early-evening end as we drag jet lagged bodies off to bed.

It was a relatively relaxed first day to get us settled in.  The journey from airport to hotel was done in record time as a quiet Sunday morning saw the normally busy streets of Istanbul devoid of traffic.  A freshen up and lunch at the hotel was followed by a cruise up the Bosphorus – a great introduction to the city, seeing some of the key landmarks and starting to get the hang of where things are.

A visit to the military museum was next, providing a performance by the Janissary Band marching in full costume – drums, cymbals, bells, trumpets, pipes and singing – all designed to rouse the troops and put the enemy off.  A quick peruse of some of the displays and we were all starting to run out of steam.

A great meal at the restaurant was topped off with a lively debate on Australian political parties, tax policies, school funding and other topics not normally considered as standard teenage conversation.  But of course we are dealing with Simpson Prize winners – not your regular teenager.

Tomorrow will bring more excellent adventures in the old city and probably a move onto issues of global warming, constitutional reform and the like.  For any SP 2010 readers, it was great to catch up with Alex Biggs who flew out on the same flight and is hiding out somewhere in this very hotel.  She will be having a break in Ankara with her parents before heading off to Gallipoli to assist in various ceremonies and functions, which we know she does so well.

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3 Responses to Istanbul arrival

  1. Robert Lee says:

    Great to see and hear that all Simpson Prize winners are having a great time.

    Mr Lee Teacher Palmerston Senior College

    hope the turkish delights are as good as you hoped hayley!!! you look cold lol. its the start of the dry season here. mwa ha ha!!! from llama buddy

    hope you are having fun the whole class misses you. from stacey 🙂

  2. Will Birkett says:

    Hey everyone!
    Will Birkett from 2010 here. Great to hear that the next group is in Turkey! A special hello to Andrew: hope you manage to teach a new Simpsonite the art of Pishte and Backgammon. We should catch up one day. And Stuart, good to hear you’re taking the trip this year, I am still in debt to you for giving me the idea for my essay topic (Capt. William Stoker and AE2). Hello to Lauren from Victoria, my successor. Maybe we can catch up after you get back. And to the new Simpsonites, a few words of advice. Keep your journals up to date; they are much easier to fill in after each day, and it’s amazing how quickly you forget things, when you do so much. Also, don’t be afraid to buy as much junk from the Grand Bazaar as you can carry: I did, and I haven’t regretted it. Also, don’t not buy something just because you can’t haggle it down for like one lira: sounds stupid, but it happens.
    You will have an amazing time. Anzac Day 2010 was one of the most amazing days of my life.
    Looking forward to following the blog, and say hi to Alix for me if you see her again.
    Also, who is your guide? Do you have Eser again?

  3. Sally Williams says:

    Hi to all the SP 2011 from Adelaide. Glad that you made it safely and you sound like you are geting into the Turkish way of things. Not too much turkish delight Zoe!!

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