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Turkish Moustaches

The Simpson Prize trip always includes down time, when we entertain ourselves and just hang out.  Being away from the usual distractions of TV, computers, mobile phones etc. is a chance to engage in a bit of good old fashioned fun.  With every group, this takes on a different form, though usually involves a bit of fun and games.

The card games for this group started before we had even left Australia with a deck out at Sydney airport.  Since arriving at the Kum Hotel, where we stay on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Backgammon has been the main game of choice.  There a number of new recruits to the game, plus some old hands.  Last night Andrew flew the flag for Australia in a tournament with one of the Turkish guides.  The Turks play the game at breakneck speed and we can proudly report that Andrew triumphed in a first to 5 wins round (rematch scheduled for this evening).

A small group of Simpsonites learnt the Turkish card game Piste from Ondur, our bus driver (yes Varun, the tradition lives on).  Even with the language difference, we picked it up pretty well, though the scoring system is still somewhat of a mystery.  And solo was taught to some of the students by one of our accompanying teachers, Geraldine. 

The Simpson students are not afraid of a challenge either.  Gene has already reported on the performance by some of the girls, to memorise and sing a song.  Last night Connor, on hearing of a record 12  honey cakes eaten in one sitting by our esteemed travel agent, decided to take on the record.  The attempt was witnessed with great enthusiasm by the group and with bemusement by the waiting staff in the restaurant.  And it was another Aussie triumph with Connor bravely downing (and keeping down) 13 honey cakes.

Thanks to all of our readers who have posted comments.  Be assured that all comments are read by the group and its great to know our experiences are being shared in this way.

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One Response to Random stuff

  1. Jill, Patrick & Sarah McAlary says:

    Love the Turkish Moustaches, now take a look at the perfectly positioned man with the Pointy Hat in the background? Couldn’t have staged that one if you’d tried!

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