Mission accomplished

Just back at the Kum Hotel now having completed our marathon run. A chilly dawn service and a successful Lone Pine service – very moving reading from Tanvi and professional wreath handling from the rest of the group. Nice to know many of you saw us on tv. More extensive blog post to follow after we have recovered.

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3 Responses to Mission accomplished

  1. Dale Moriarty says:

    Hi 2011 Simpsonians

    I have just watched the Lone Pine service on TV and wanted to congratulate you all on a fantastic job with the wreath laying and reading. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Well done!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip and remember to buy lots of presents for your families at the Grand Bazaar. A special hello to the NT winner.

    From Dale Moriarty (Mum of a previous NT winner.)

  2. Jill, Patrick & Sarah McAlary says:

    Well done Tanvi on a beautiful reading. Great to see you all handle the wreath laying ceremony with such respect. A wonderful experience that will stay with you forever.

  3. Elizabeth and 'The Boys' says:

    I like Simpsonians !
    What a wonderful day. We are all so proud of you all and so happy for you. The Ambassador’s beautiful speech was a perfect beginning to then follow with the humble
    words of Mr Snowden and then to listen to such a lovely delivery of Henry Lawson by Tanvi. And for all of you, your dignity in the handing over the wreaths was very moving. Stewart your timing looked to be split -second perfect .
    Well done to all!
    Love from all of us xxx
    PS the ceremony had a lovely intimacy that went beyond the solemn. The Lone Pine looked windswept but ‘resolute’. (am I able to use a favourite Simpsonian expression if I am only “family’ ? ! Sweet dreams.

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