Last Post – Gene

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect out of my trip to Turkey. I was a little nervous about spending two weeks with a group of kids, who I had met on one occasion, but didn’t truly know.

Upon my return home, I realised that I had made fantastic and close friendships with all of the other winners, teachers and our guides. Friendships I will hope to keep hold of for a long time.
I have been reflecting a lot about the trip and the more I think about, the more I realise how amazing the Simpson Prize experience was. I enjoyed gaining a grasp of an entirely different culture and country, one with so much history and natural beauty. I miss the lavish cuisine, friendly people and relaxed atmosphere. What I did during my time was gain so much knowledge, particularly about the Gallipoli campaign, and at the same time made new friendships, explored new avenues and had enormous amounts of fun. My return was great, reuniting with family and telling them all about my wonderful experiences. Now I have been reunited with the pressures of everyday life and schoolwork.
The Simpson Prize experience is one I am truly grateful for. Now I will share my experiences with my school community in the coming weeks.

I say a big thanks to Andrew and Stuart for their guidance and amazing company and the ever friendly accompanying teachers Geraldine and Carol.  Of course, thanks to Ozgur and Ondur, who embraced us into their country and made our experience an enjoyable one.

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