Last Post – Hayley

Looking back on the trip of a life time.
Now back home in the lovely tropics and temperatures over 28 degrees, I have had time to truly reflect on the mind-blowing experience that I have just been on.

At the beginning of the trip I was nervous and anxious about the trip; wondering if  I would be able to deal with the long flights, 16 degree weather ( oh I wish it was that warm ha-ha) and also how I would get along with the group of students from all over the country that I had only ever met once before.

But I had nothing to worry about. The flights were fun and I had enough clothes in my suitcase to keep me from freezing over as we travelled around Istanbul and Gallipoli, as for the other students I was silly to even think that we would not get along, the whole group was forever hanging out together and enjoying the amazing trip.

The trip wasn’t anything like I had expected… it was so much more.  There is only so much you can get from a photo, being there on the peninsular, where all those years ago so many young lives were lost, it is breath taking.  The dawn service was amazing (like everything on the trip) I have never experienced anything like it.
The time flew so fast that many (if not all) were wondering where those two weeks had gone.

The flight home was full on mixed emotion. Happiness to be heading back to families, excitement to tell everyone one about our adventures, and also sadness because that adventure was over and in not too long we would all be saying goodbye to each other as we headed for our last homeward stretch.  

This trip was amazing and something that will  stay with me for the rest of my life.

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